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Maintenence & Support

Would you like to save your precious time on customer and end-user issue handling?

Would you like to constantly implement changes to your application?

Would you like to be confident that your system is 24/7 available for your end users?

With J-Sharp Technology application support & software maintenance services you get

Production emergency support emergency fixes, platform monitoring and software technical support.

Management customer support and end-user issues handling, change and release process management, requirements and risk management.

Ongoing application maintenance and support bug fixing, new features and enhancements implementation, database administration, QA and testing, ongoing content update, system reengineering, code refactoring and performance tuning.

Infrastructure support application deployment, monitoring, troubleshooting and planned upgrade.

J-Sharp Technology technical support and maintenance services have a long and reliable history with happy customers and end users. Our software support professionals have deep expertise in emergency software production support, ongoing application maintenance and customer support. With J-Sharp Technology application support service you will save your time and money on your software maintenance and will be confident in your application’s quality and availability.