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About J-Sharp Technology

J-Sharp Technology is a fastly growing software development company . Our prime focus is on Website Development and Software Development. J-Sharp Technology is serving its clients with efficient, reliable and Cost Effective Web and Software solutions. Our focus areas are Static, Dynamic and E-commerce solutions. We at J-Sharp Technology are very much concern about our clients needs. Our projects are perfectly test-driven and robust, expert management, and strong experience with the latest technologies. J-Sharp Technology is dedicated to quality, good service and round the clock Technical Support.

Our vision:

To become a one of the most recognized and admired company in the field of IT Solution providing companies.

Our mission:

We will be the employer of choice and the partner of choice by focusing on our stated values of Employees First, Trust, Transparency, Flexibility and Value Centricity.

What we do:

We believe that in recognizing our employees as entrepreneurs and empowering them to innovate, we harness your entrepreneurial energy. If you are looking to let your start-up spirit soar free and your passion lies in solving complex business problems, then “J-SHARP TECHNOLOGY” is the exact place for you. At “J-SHARP TECHNOLOGY”, we bring IT and engineering services under one roof to solve complex business problems for our clients. We provide a holistic, multi-service delivery across various industries by leveraging our global offshore infrastructure.

A micro-vertical strategy, built on strong domain expertise, ensures that no matter how complex a company’s business problem is, we can offer a solution that is sustainable and innovation-driven. By engaging “J-SHARP TECHNOLOGY” employees in a way that allows them to deliver business value – whether it involves enterprise application services, IT infrastructure management, custom application services, engineering and R&D services, business services or enterprise transformation services - we turn technology into a distinct competitive advantage for our customers.

We call it the Employees First effect!

The success of our and our customers’ businesses, however, is part of a bigger picture. Sustainability has been and will remain a cornerstone of our global operations. We believe business growth can only be sustained when pursuits of profit are balanced with social and environmental imperatives. For example, “J-SHARP TECHNOLOGY”’s impact on the communities where it operates, in the form of local job creation, is central to our definition of success.